Thursday, June 23, 2011

Goaded by Pogues

My agent has just started to sail my mystery novel (The Spiritualists) out upon the wild blue waves of the publishing world. Here's hoping it finds a friendly port. I'm working now on the second novel of the series featuring my Irish-born detective, Mr. O'Nelligan. After a spell of slow-going, I've finally picked up some speed and seem to be in gear. Today while driving, I was listening to the gentle liltings of the Pogues. (For those not in the know, they're a raucous, stage-shaking punk/traditionalist Irish band who've been plying their wares for three decades.) The song I was listening to was "Down All The Days," a tribute to the late Dublin author Christy Brown--whom many know through the biographical 1989 film "My Left Foot." Born with severe cerebral palsy, Brown taught himself to write (and paint) with the only means available to him: the aforementioned foot. As I listened to the Pogues hard-driving ballad, I thought "Hell, if that guy had to type novels with his toes, what's my blanking excuse?" After all, in the light of Christy Brown's Herculean challenge, "My Two Perfectly-Functioning Hands" would make for a lacklustre book title. Thus goaded, I'm back at the keyboard...

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